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A visit to a gynecologist is often associated with something frightening, at least unpleasant. To dispel doubts, it is worth finding out in advance what usually happens in the office of a "female essay".

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The next stage is an external examination of the external genital organs, skin and lymph nodes in the groin and axillary region, mammary glands.

The essay will be interested in information about the features of the menstrual cycle, about the age of sexual debut, about the "female" diseases, used methods of contraception.

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Internal examination of patients who are sexually active is performed using vaginal speculums. So the doctor assesses the condition of the vaginal mucosa and cervix, checks for erosions and neoplasms. At this stage, material is collected for bacteriological or cytological examination. Contrary to common female fearam, this method of examination does not give painful sensations.

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Internal examination also includes bimanual examination: palpation (feeling) of the genitals to assess their location, size and structure. In this case, the doctor inserts his right hand into the patient's vagina, and with his left hand presses on the anterior abdominal wall.